New E-Commerce Website – Araripe Clothing

We’ve recently been putting the finishing touches on two websites. The first one Araripe.Clothing E-Commerce website built on the platform Prestashop.

Araripe wanted to build an e-commerce website which showed off their premium men’s clothing brand. It needed to give off an ‘upper class’ feel to it to reflect their target market.

The first step was to organise a photo shoot for the brand and get professional pictures done. This helps to make sure the products looked great. I do go on about professional images, but I believe they’re so crucial to a good looking website.

e-commerce website men's fashion

Next, we choose a premium, but a clean template to make the website different to others using the basic Prestashop template.

Once we had everything in place we had the go-ahead to start building the site. E-commerce sites take a lot longer than standard sites as various options need to be thought out and implemented. Plus adding products takes up a lot of time if done properly.

As standard, we also added our SEO knowledge included in the package to give the site the best possible start when launching.

e-commerce website men's premium fashion

So if you’re interested in Men’s Fashion, check out the site.

Or if you’re looking to create an e-commerce website, get in touch and we’ll discuss options.

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