Trust Factors – What makes website visitors convert?

In today’s modern era over 81% of people check out companies online before deciding to purchase. They are looking for what we call ‘trust factors’ to make sure you’re a reputable company, which they can buy from.

What are trust factors?

Having a website in itself is a trust factor. With just a facebook page or a physical shop, you could look small fry as you’re not investing in modern trends.

Email with domain

Emailing potential clients with gmail, aol or yahoo accounts looks unprofessional, if you have a domain make sure you set up emails which include it. If you have a website and haven’t set up domain based emails it looks like you’ve cut corners.

Updated Websites

Websites with blogs that have not been updated for long periods, show a lack of resources or effort from the marketing department. If it has been over 6 months without a new blog, it could potentially warn off clients.

Modern Appearance

Keeping up to date with website trends helps your website look modern and fresh. Leaving it for a few years can make it seem abandoned and therefore putting off visitors.

I recently landed on a web page from a twitter account, selling custom stamps. On twitter it was well designed and looked professional. I clicked the link on their profile to find out more and was presented a website which looked like it was created in the 90’s! I was shocked and they immediately lost any chance of a sale.

Mobile Friendly

Browsing sites that don’t respond to your screen size can annoy customers and can often lead to them bouncing off. With the majority of browsing done through mobile phones, if your site is not responsive it can put customers off.

Customers you’ve worked with

If you’re a business to business company, showcase any brands that have worked with you. This demonstrates that they were convinced that you were worthwhile investment and other similar companies will follow.

Encourage Customers to leave reviews

Reviews let others know what they think of company and how well you’ve done. Encourage customers to leave feedback which can help persuade visitors to convert.

Avoid Stock Images

Stock images can often put visitors off; they sometimes make a site look unnatural and plastic. However website owners sometimes have little choice depending on the services they provide.

Registered Associations or Trade Specific Certifications

Adding badges of organisations you’re members of, can help show that you are trusted within your industry and qualified to do the work.


Try using the above points as a checklist to improve your site. Not only will it help increase your conversion rate it can also help your website become more search friendly.

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