How an outdated website could be affecting your rankings

Some business owners assume that once they have a website and get online, that’s all they need to look professional and gain customers.

They couldn’t be more wrong! Let me explain…

I’ve recently come across a range of very outdated websites and started talking to the owners. The general consensus was that they felt they had a website and didn’t need a new one. I started digging further, they commented about loss of business and therefore resulting in not having the funds for a new website or any marketing.

If you leave your website, competitors could come along and out market you. You will start to drop down the rankings affecting orders. You will then be caught into the trap of not being able to afford a new website or any internet marketing.

Think of your website like your car, if you neglect it, things start breaking and it will cost more and more money to put right.

Here’s the thing, those websites have become so outdated they now act as an anti-trust factor!

First impressions are key!

According to hubspot 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your site.

So, what causes me to have an outdated website?

Non-mobile friendly

If your website isn’t adapting itself to the device people are on, it’s not helping your user’s experience. It can also drastically affect your search engine ranking causing you to lose business.

Find out more about the importance of mobile friendly websites.

Minimum functionality and text

Does the website have a banner? Does it have lots of text? Is it laid out in one block? Is the website static?

These are clues to your website being outdated.

You can generally get the feel for websites which look old, look at popular websites and check out their layouts.

You should also check on your competitors to see what they’re doing, if they have a more modern website they could be out ranking you for your chosen keywords. This could therefore result in loss of visitors and sales.

Old looking and pixelated images

Do the images showcase people with old fashion trends? Are they using old tech such as the original iPhone? Do the pictures look pixelated on bigger and brighter screens?

You can roughly work out how old sites are based on the images they use.

As screens have got bigger and brighter, when images stretch they become more pixelated. This causes horrible blurry images which can really put off visitors.

News or blogs not updated for over 2 years

A key to checking if your site is old, is looking at when the blog or news was last updated. Static websites with no additional content can often be punished in google and put off potential customers.

If your blog has not been updated or if you have not got one, act now!

What does an outdated website say to my customers?

If your site looks and feels old and your content has not been updated for a while. This could suggest that you’ve potentially gone out of business.

It could also potentially suggest you’re methods or equipment is outdated as you’ve neglected your website.

Comparing websites with your competitors could suggest that they are bigger and more trustworthy.

You are also likely to drop down the search rankings if other competitors are more active.

So, what should I do?

Time to get rid of that virtual dust, before you start losing customers. Web design has come on a long way, making it easier than ever to make sites. This reduces the designer’s time, therefore lowering their prices.

Speak to some web designers to find out their costs, make sure they include things such search engine optimisation so the site is ready to compete.


Don’t let your business showcase an outdated website, speak to pug mug marketing to see how we can help.

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